This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Good morning blog buddies,

Another chilly morning 51 degrees - HOWEVER -  that said - and I just said it, it will warm up to the low 70's by noon!!!!!   WOO-HOO!!!!!  This afternoon we'll go down to Juan Ponce de Leon park again and claim our space on the beach!!!!

Sometimes one is at a loss as to what to paint next - I deal mostly in landscapes and still life.  I did  quite a few figurative a couple of years ago and although I enjoyed it - the subject is not an easy one.  My painting happiness is obtained from quick - loose paintings done in one sitting ( alla prima)
Figurative is a SLOW painting process - very detailed and unfortunately all the pieces parts have to be in the EXACT right place!!!!!  PRESSURE - PRESSURE - WAY TOO MUCH.

Soooo me being me I started to do quick - loose figurative which I really enjoy doing so I may start some more of these pieces.  I will warn you 99.9% are nude subjects BUT don't get alarmed with my looseness it's difficult to distinguish a butt from a big smile!!!  :>) 

Any how it will be a while before I jump into these so you'll just have to put up with more landscapes and still life.   :>)  

I decided to start my next painting out by throwing some paint on to a surface - let it dry and see where I go - what will it be????????  I'll figure that out as I pickup the brush or palette knife and start moving my arm over the surface.

Later my friends.

JR    :>)