This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, February 15, 2013

I'M BACK - FRIDAY 2/115/13

Yo Dudes,

Well, I'm back after throwing some paint at my easel and I think I'm close to the LOOSE SEMI-SEMI ABSTRACT style that I'm seeking.  Some more refinements and tweaks and emotions and I'll be there - (I think)

11 x 14 on heavy linen paper using Chroma Interactive acrylics with a palette knife and strokes of gusto - emotion and a vivid imagination  --  :>)


11 x 14

OK - let's begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I once again put in lines for the horizon and the shore line as well as placement of the palm trees.  This gives me an idea of the movement I want in the piece - of course most of this will be covered up once I put in the sky and ocean.  However I can refer to my camera and recall this photo - :>)

Melissa took some photos of me 

OK - now I toss in the horizon line and some of the ocean and some clouds.  NOW - for those of you with a short memory - I AM TRYING TO MAKE THIS WHAT I TERM SEMI-SEMI ABSTRACT SOOOOOOO DON'T GET ALARMED!!!!!

I toss in some ocean

Whoops more sneaky photos!!!

As you can see, I do not use a palette with colors squeezed out ahead of time.  I'm never sure of what colors I will use as it is all spontaneous and I work direct from the tubes of paint - I grab a color without a lot of thought, squeeze the tube and scoop the paint off with my palette knife or brush.

Closeups of horizon line and palm trunk

All three palm trunks tossed in

I will now finish up the painting and as you folks know this is the part where I adjust & tweak with processes that I don't let you see - as I say - I'm sworn to secrecy!!!!



This painting has a lot of action (movement) in it which was intended as part of the looseness and semi-semi abstract journey I'm on.  I love paintings with movement in them - they hold the attention of the viewers and the eyes tend to dance thru the painting.  I don't think anyone would be bored looking at this - they may not like it --- but they can't say they were bored!!!

JR    :>)