This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, February 15, 2013


Yo my friends,

Well today is a cloudy day with off and on sun so we have decided on a day of painting-writing-reading-snoozing and baking chocolate chip cookies using a recipe that my good artist friend Dale gave to me.

Melissa and I were talking about out RV journey yesterday morning over coffee and to both of us - perhaps to varying degrees one of the top reasons we liked RV-ing was the simplistic life style it gave us.

There were times we went without TV for a month as we could not pickup any stations.  This happened in Nova Scotia - once in a while we could get one station but it would fade in and out.  Then in Quebec Canada we could not pull in any TV stations - but once in a while one would come in blurry and of course was in French!!!!  We started to enjoy not having TV - we have a couple of choice shows that we like but other than that in general the TV programming of today SUCKS!!!

We got long wonderfully without TV!!!!!!

We developed a routine of going for a walk most every morning and then breakfast upon our return, along with checking emails and the news to make sure the country was not under attack  :>)

We would go for an evening walk most days as well - we would go to a park and sit around and watch the boats and read and snooze and bring a simple lunch with us.

Things like this - simplistic - but Ahhhhhhhhh so very-very nice!  We are carrying these and more of the RV simplistic life style over to our now life in the condo - it was easy to do as we had lived simplistically for almost a year in our RV and we now  enjoy that simplistic life style in our condo.

We don't buy something unless we really need it and first we look around at what we have to see if we can substitute something instead of buying.  When we do buy something we try to have it be multi - purposed use.

We enough jibber-jabber - I'm off to throw some paint around!!!!!

JR     :>)