This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Top of the morning to all my blog buddies,

Well, Melissa is taking a yoga class this morning and I think I'm going to play around with some more very quickly done 7 x 5 Funky Palms.  Youse guys are most likely sick of seeing them - but I'm not sick of painting them so - I shall.

I'm going to try and find a market for these - I figure $25 for an original 7 x 5 painting is quite a fair price - now all I have to do is find the outlet avenue :>(

Monday I have to go to the dentist - I found a husband and wife dental team who seem to be very nice,  I had a check up and a cleaning and exam.  Welllllll I have a couple of crowns that are old - 7-10 years and one of them has gotten some minor decay under it and has to be removed and a new crown put on.
Once you get crowns, your dental headaches are just beginning.  They are very expensive and not a lot of fun to have taken off!!!  Long story short taking the existing crown off - fixing the decay and building a new crown is very expensive!!!!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

They put a temporary crown on and the permanent one take 3 weeks to get constructed and then it's back to have the temp taken off and the permanent one installed!!!!

I have two other "older ones" and I hope and pray they do not have to be removed and replaced any time soon!!!!!

Soooo I shall go off to my studio and report back when I have something to show for my small efforts.