This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Yo my friends,

A very happy Wednesday morning to y'all!!!

I did one more painting yesterday afternoon before Melissa returned home from the yoga studio.  I just could not sit still and had to do another scene from the Sangre de Christo mountains in NM.

This is 7 x 5 on heavy linen paper done with quickness of stroke and really no pre notion of color or design  - this is what is called shooting from the hip.  I used a palette knife - some minor brush work and my hair comb.




Yes my friends with the use of my hair comb is how I get the texture on the pine trunks.  I apply globs and blobs of thick juicy Chroma Interactive acrylic paint using a palette knife and then I comb downward with the skinnier teeth and BINGO - Pine bark!!!!

This is called:


OK - first I plop in the aspen trunks and and the pine trunks using a palette knife and quick  strokes of juicy paint  - I run the narrow teeth of my hair comb down the pine trunks creating the texture of pine bark 

Close ups of combing effect

Closeup of pine bark and aspen bark

Next I toss in the BG - making sure the colors agree with those of spring time s each season has a distinct foliage coloring

close up of spring colors

I've been painting up a storm lately - ever since I had to say good-bye to our RV - it has helped to keep my mind occupied and has served as well needed therapy to help me through this transition.

So I may slow down a bit as I think my way through my desire to do some semi-abstract ocean scenes of which I have no idea as to what they will look like.
Sooooooo I'll do what I normally do -  just start painting and let the scene and style develop as it develops - nothing forced or controlled.


Spread paint and let the feeling flow from the arm to the brush and palette knife onto the canvas.

Later my friends.

JR     :>)