This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, February 23, 2013



Well, after quite a few emails asking me to continue with my blog postings, I have put some thought into it and come up with a solution that should make us all happy! I will be redesigning my blog so that it works better for me as well as giving my blog followers what they seem to want.

My frustration with my blog was over the fact that on average, out of 2,800 - 3,000 visits per month, only a handful of folks ( 3 - 4 ) would comment. 

SOOOOOOOOO my blog will be redesigned and I will eliminate the function of allowing comments -I've always said - give the public what they ask for.
That's what I like about me - I always have an ear to the street.  :>)

Additionally, I will generally post weekly rather than daily. It will be more of a painting instructional format - however that said - and I just said it - there will still be my enormous sense of humor (that's another thing I like about me) and my cranky grumbling and complaining (something I know you all love about me :>). 

If a viewer has a question or wants to talk about purchasing a painting (that’s an example of my humor) they can email at 

Additionally, a second blog (sister blog) will be started. This blog will be less chatty but will still have some of my very witty humor and will feature original paintings in either a 5x7 or a 7x5 format. These paintings will be of the Southwest Coast of Florida and highlight the colors of the Gulf. and will all sell for the same price.

Around the country people will be saying "OMG I can't believe I can buy an original JR Secor painting for under $30!!!" :>) (MORE HUMOR)

I believe in "affordable art for the masses!!"

The name of this sister-blog will be "AhhPuntahhhGordahhh" and is scheduled to debut on March 1, in concert with the revamped RVPAINTER BLOG.

On March first you will need to go to the sister-blog and signup for email subscription. A very easy process that takes less than a minute and from that point the post will come right into your inbox.

Soooooo my frustration with non-commenting has subsided, and this solution will make us all breathe a little easier – no need to comment, and I won’t be disappointed when I see that you haven’t! :>) ( MORE HUMOR)

Email conversations will be most welcome, so again, my email is  My blogging time spent has been reduced to 1 day a week instead of 5, and best of all the viewing audience still has access to my unique combination of art, wit, and crankiness, without pressure to comment.

That’s what they call a Win-Win Situation!