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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Good morning my friends,

Please excuse the longer post this morning.

My Blog - My Painting:

I started painting when I was 54 -- I will be 73 come this May.  So I'll let you folks do the math as to  how long I've been painting - it's been a long time.

I've been blogging for over 4 years now.


I consider my blog to be a success, based on about 2,800+ hits per month and some times over 3,000.  However my blog in my opinion as not been what I envisioned it to be.  To me a blog needs to be a two way street.  I see it as a way to reach my family, my relatives, my friends and the general public.  I most always blog every day and not many people I know write to their family, relatives, and friends everyday.  Grant you not all my family, friends and relatives subscribe to my blog.  To be honest had to signed several of them up myself!!!!  :>) 

The reason I do not consider my blog to be what I envisioned it to be is because with the exception of my wife Melissa, an RV friend Steve and Louise a friend who will become a full time RV-er in April there is pretty much no one else who comments on my blog on a regular basis- either on its content or my paintings. I have several times over the years asked peoples opinions on things I write about as well as new techniques I try with my painting.  Never-never has there been a response - but yet 2.800+ views a month - month after month after month.

I've thought many times about stopping to blog as believe it or not it becomes a chore to put together a blog post with some embedded humor, information, and most always a painting of the day.  Playing to an invisible audience is tough but when you can't get the audience to participate it becomes a chore and something that starts to have  no reward or satisfaction.

I have decided to stop my blog for perhaps only a short amount of time to consider its viability as being something useful to me and others - perhaps I will not start it up again because as I say playing to an empty hall ain't no fun.

My Painting:

Well, by now I'm sure you have figured out I've been painting for almost 19 years.  I admit I have an obsession for painting and I can't - not - paint!  However over the past month or so I've done 3- 4 dozen or so paintings and the volume is great only because it was a diversion for my mind while in the process of selling our RV - I needed something to keep me busy.  I also as silly as it may sound feel I need to have a new painting ready each day to put up on my blog - I'm not sure why but I'm me!  Very rarely does anyone comment on a painting - if so, it would by my wife, my friend Steve or Louise and another RV friend Donna - other than that nada.

So now that I am stopping my blog for an undetermined period, I will not be posting my paintings so I can slow down my production of painting to perhaps 2 days instead of 5.
I've pretty much resolved the loss of the RV so I no longer need to keep my overactive mind busy.  Slowing down my painting production will allow me to play around with style and techniques such as my love for loose palette knife paintings, without the thoughts that I HAVE  to do a painting today and get it up onto my blog.

This will be my last blog post for whatever time it ends up being.

I would like to thank my blog buddies for following me all this time and I hope I have brought some humor, information, instruction into your life.  For this was part and parcel of my blog.  The blog I envisioned did not happen - but things like the economy - the wars - busy lives etc etc all have an effect and I understand that.

For me as I say I have run out of steam having to play to an empty house.

I wish you all the very best in your lives and if I decide to give a blog another shot I'll send out a message to that effect when I do post #1.

Later my friends.

JR        :>)