This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FUNKY PALMS 8 - 9 - 10

Yo my friends,

Well Melissa is at the yoga studio so I'm going to throw some paint around. I am going to do 3 more small ( 5 x 7 ) palms and then close out this series for a while. I am going to play around with semi-abstract ocean scenes and I'm sure some abstract FUNKY PALMS will appear in this new avenue of painting.

WHY semi-abstract - I DON'T KNOW - something in my weird little mind is saying


But for now here are my last three Funky Palm paintings - all done very-very quickly - wet into wet - with caution thrown to the wind and bold aggressive strokes.



OK - Standard procedure - With vigor I plop in the sky and the ocean - i use 3 colors of blue here to give the color effect of the ocean as it is here on the Gulf of Mexico

Close up of the horizon line - You should notice I leave upward lines of white from the horizon into the sky.  This I feel gives the viewer a spot to focus into and should ( I hope ) put the thought into their mind that there is something beyond the ocean and sky on the horizon

OK - now I slap in the palm trunks - the fronds and do some tweaking to the ocean - the sand - and the cast shadows

Some detail for my curious buddies - In the past I used the term "Anal Buddies" and some of the viewers who really like to look closely at what and how I might do certain strokes took offense to the term Anal - so I've stopped using it.
I mean - like it's not my fault they are Anal!!!!!  :>)


OK---- same drill slap in the sky and slap in the ocean -  and make room three palms up close and 2 palms a ways down the beach.  WHY 5 palms?????  Because most people like to see an odd number of "things" in a painting.  An even number makes it too balanced and the viewer looses interest!

I quickly paint in the distant palm trunks so I can get a sense of the color to use to augment the distance as perceived by the viewer.

Next I slap in the trunks of the group of 3 palms.  Not enough color difference between the 2 palms up the beach and the 3 palms on the right - so I will correct that when I finish the rest of this painting.



Palm trunk detail for my curious buddies

Well - I hope you enjoyed the closing out of this series of 5 x 7  FUNKY PALMS - I had a blast doing them.

As a side note, all of these are for sale - with the unframed price being $25 plus shipping.  they won't be ready for a couple of weeks as the paint needs to cure and I need to seal them.

OK DUDES enjoy your Tuesday and sometime this week I expect you might be seeing what I call


Take care and enjoy your Tuesday.

JR     :>)