This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, February 10, 2013

OK - I'M BACK SUNDAY 2/10/13


Well ------- I'm back and I did 2 more real quick 7 x 5 paintings.   Both done very-very quickly wet into wet with blobs and globs of juicy Chroma Interactive acrylics


This is a 5 x 7 format.

You guys know the drill by now - first I throw (PLOP) in the sky and the ocean at the horizon line

Next I bring the ocean up to the shore line

SLAM BAM in go the trunks

SLAM BAM-BAM in goes the foliage and the sand and



Well, after telling youse guys that a 5x7 is too small to use a palette knife - I decided to prove myself WRONG!!!!

Not easy to see, but I covered this 5x7 canvas panel with a lots and lots of beige paint put on with a palette knife in a very careless-carefree and sloppy manner.

This entire painting was done with a palette knife and it is most likely the quickest painting I've ever done.  Working wet into wet with a palette knife and lots of paint has to be done very quickly as the meshing of all the paint together and into one another is what gives the best representation of looseness and color blending.


Well, lesson learned - a 5 x 7 can be done with a palette knife - some what awkward but very doable and soooooooo much fun - I just may keep this one for us.

Later my friends - enjoy the day - after Melissa comes home from yoga we are going down to Juan Ponce de Leon Park and enjoy the day - a bit windy but nice sunshine!

JR      :>)