This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Quick Hello

Hello my buddies,

A bit chilly this morning - about 58 degrees but forecast to warm up to about 72 later today.

We met with a RE Broker yesterday and it was a bit disappointing as most of the "Bank Owned" properties have been snatched up.  We did find some very nice condos at very reasonable prices but with condos the HOA fee is way out of line as most of the amenities they put into the condo development are not something we would use very often - except the pool!!!! :>)
Some of the condo fees run $350-$450 per month!!!!  Not for us.

So now we will investigate the rental market.  Also our friends down here may be investing in rental properties which wold be ideal for us and them as they know us as very responsible people who would be very good tenants to have.  As I say we are not in a rush as we have a whole west coast journey planned starting next spring so fall of 2013 is perhaps when we would be ready to want to put down some roots.  If of course something wonderful came along that was hard to pass up then we would take a serious look.

So while we wait for the day to warm up a bit - Melissa will be writing - I'll be painting and then we'll go out into the surrounding area on a little journey to check out Punta Gorda some more - so far it looks very nice!

Later Dudes,

:>)     JR