This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, November 30, 2012

Ring Top Vase & Fruit

Yo my blog buddies,

Well, after washing some more of the RV yesterday, I looked in the back of our car.  We use this for extra storage for stuff that won't fit into or under the RV.  We have our Q-100 grill back there, our laundry basket, our 2 beach chairs, assorted warm clothing and blankets in case we need them - jackets, sweaters.  I also carry my Plein air painting stuff.  Under the beach chairs there is a plastic tub with a cover and inside that I found some 11 x 14 canvas panels!!!!!!!!!!  WOO-HOO!!!!

Soooooo I roughed in a sketch/drawing of a vase and some fruit - applied some grey to the vase as the white of the canvas was blinding me - and I threw on the initial color for the fruit.  Tomorrow either before or after i wash some more of the RV I will see what I might do with what I've started.  My brain tells me I want to do it loose - VERY LOOSE!!!!!  We'll see if my hand wants to follow my brain - sometimes they do not work in harmony and the hand takes over!!!!!!

Beginning of Ring Top Vase & Fruit
14 x 11 on canvas panel


This will also be an exercise in complimentary color as I'm pretty sure I want a blue vase.  So my friends - Time will tell----------------------------

JR     :>)