This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday 11/18/12 - Afternoon

Good afternoon my friends,

Well this morning Melissa is writing and I'm painting - what's new EH??????

I sort of played around a little - just having fun and did these 2 this morning.

Moody Blues
8 x 10 on heavy linen paper - with lots and lots of GUSTO now this is what I talk about when I say I like to paint just this side of SLOPPY - I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Done wet into wet with no consideration of the rules of painting - JUST PAINT IT!!!!!


The next one is also on heavy linen paper and is anything but loose and I have to say it was an absolute chore to paint!!!!  Sometimes ya gotta do detail work so you don't forget how - but I gotta tell ya it was 

Ring Top vase and fruit


Well, this afternoon we go see the new James Bod movie with our friends Nancy & Wayne.

Hope you enjoyed these 2 paintings.

JR     :>)