This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, November 29, 2012



Well - did some painting this morning while marking time for my Dr. appointment.

"Gasprilla Island To The South"

Gasprilla is a barrier island off the coast Punta Gorda and the town of Boca Grande is out there.  Very, very beautiful area.

9 X 12 on heavy linen paper done wet into wet with gusto and freedom of strokes.


I think I'll take a break from landscapes for a couple of days and switch to still life - I need to see if I have some bigger canvas or linen paper as it is hard to be real loose when painting on a small surface - small being anything less than 16 x 20.  I love to paint on large 36 x 48 gallery wrapped canvas but alas no room in the RV for something that size!!!!

Most everything I paint these days is for fun and in many ways an adventure in loosening up and just plain having fun.  Perhaps when we settle into the condo I will look for outlets to try and sell my paintings - however that said and I just said it ----- trying to sell art in a bad economy almost borders on stupidity - or wishful thinking.  It only tends to wear you down and get you more discouraged than before you started trying to sell.

I now paint-paint-paint and then I purge and throw away - throw away - throw away - as I say it is mostly for fun now and painting and my DW Melissa keeps me out of bar rooms.   :>)

Well, went to the new Dr. today and he seems nice enough - we talked for a while and I gave him a copy of some medical records my Dr. in Santa Fe had given me to pass onto my next Dr.
They drew 6 vials of blood - ( I felt like a donor!!!)  He renewed my Rx's for me and I have a followup visit in three weeks so he can go over the results of the blood test with me

My BP was a tad higher than normal -I attribute that to our "FREE DIET" over the past 8 months and I'm sure now that we are some what settled down I can bring that back into a good range.  So i hope our "FREE DIET" has not done any damage to my frail little body!!!!!  I weighed in at 156 so that was good!!!!    :>)

Have a nice evening and day tomorrow - I'm going to try and do some more washing of the RV so it will be about 1/2 done and then finish it this weekend.

Later my buddies.

JR    :>)