This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday 11/15/12

Yo my friends,

Well - today we are going to tour some of the surrounding communities and then if the day warrants we'll go to the beach for a while.  Tonight we'll go down to the park in Punta Gorda where our friend Wayne plays with a group every Thursday evening.  Some really - really good music!!!!

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a week from today!  Time certainly does go by quickly - almost too fast!

We've decided to take a break from looking at various properties to rent and see where things stand come about March 1st.  Time is on our side at this point.  We do know that Punta Gorda is our "kind of town" and is a place that we could settle down in.  So knowing that gives us the confidence to move slowly and see what comes our way.  Like our friend Wayne said "I like it here because it is summer all the time, I can fish whenever I want and there are no parking meters!!!!!"  That certainly hit home with me!!!!  :>)  

Not much else to report - we are sort of settling into a lazy life style here - not really lazy - just sort of laid back and taking things slowly - feels good.

Well no more jibber/jabber - have a great day and start resting up for the weekend!!!!!

JR     :>)