This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday 11/18/12

Yo my blog buddies,

Yesterday we had planned to go to see the James Bond movie.  However the sun came out and it warmed up so we figured we'd go to the beach.  However on our way to the beach we decided to check out an area called Burnt Store which is on the way to the beach.  This is an area just outside of the downtown area of Punta Gorda and has lots of quite nice residential areas - both houses and condos.

We went to the Burnt Store Marina area as we love harbors and marinas.  Well one thing led to another and we ended up in the real state office of the Century 21 right at the marina. The housing market is picking up in Punta Gorda and it is no longer a "buyers market."  The condo market however has not yet started to come back and it is still a "buyers market."

We found some very nice condos at very reasonable prices and had the broker print out a list of all the condos on the market, with their addresses.  We spent the rest of the afternoon putting the addresses into the GPS and checking out the locations of about 6 condos.  Somewhat impressed, we went back to the Century 21 office - met with the broker and set up an appointment for Monday and perhaps Tuesday to view about 6 condos in the marina area.

Soooooo today we plan on going to see the James Bond movie - unless of course something else takes its place!

Being "footloose & fancy free" as I call our live style , we often change our minds and end up doing something completely different from what we had planned -this is one of the perks of this life style of retirement.

Well, I need to "clean the house" today which takes all  of 20 minutes - it's only about 225 square feet! :>)

Sooooo before I bore you good people I shall say goodbye and until next posting--------------------------

JR     :>)