This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, November 30, 2012


Good Morning,

OK-OK-OK so I don't always tell the truth!!!!!  Yesterday I said I was going to take a rest from landscapes and do a few still life pieces but needed to find a bigger painting surface so I could get

 "DOWN & SLOPPY!!!!!"

Well that did not happen - as the sky got kind of stormy off in the distance and my sick little mind conjured up a STORM SCENE!!!!!   :>)  

Living on the ocean for as long as we did in Maine, we've seen a lot of storms roll in so I have my ideas as to what they looked like - additionally as a friend of mine says "I'm the artist - it's my painting so I can do anything I want!" :>)  

My paintings of late have been what I call HIGH CHROMA - deep dark intense colors which is all part of the "Quebec Painter" style that I so love.  The sun being so intense down here to my eyes brings out the intensity of color - so I even beef that up a bit in my work.

Soooo enough of the Blah-Blah-Blah Jibber/Jabber!!

9 X 12

Painted quickly wet into wet on heavy linen paper with lots of gusto - flair in stroke, color and style.


Well, today I have a few errands to do - get gas for the car - pick up my Rx's at Walgreen's and then depending on the level of humidity and the temperature I most likely will continue with my washing of the RV.
Or as my good friend Dale (artist extraordinaire) calls it "THE BEAST" 


JR         :>)