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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ability to tow our car

Yo my friends,

Well - we did not get out of the RV place until 3:15 - so my estimate of noon time was WAY OFF!!!!!

All was completed and we now can tow our Honda Fit behind our RV.  I must say that this will be another learning curve for me as this adds about 10+ feet to the length of the RV.  This is important as now I have to leave more turn room than before.
Soooo another process has been completed and we are one step closer to departing on 4/30 for San Antonio TX.

Some people I've spoken to say "don't worry - you won't even know it is there."  To that my reply is "and that is the problem!!!!"

With a bit of luck and the grace of God our leveler system will be fixed on Thursday and one more process checked off.

Had a bit of a scare on the drive down to Albuquerque - in my mirror I saw a big - big - bad ass pickup truck with those huge wheels coming down on my left.  He was weaving a bit and I could not move over one lane as some one was right next to me on my right!

Well long story short - this frigging idiot got so close to me that his passenger mirror hit my driver side mirror!!!  When I say hit - he grazed it - then he swerved to his right and took off like a bat out of hell. 

Longer story shorter - the concave mirror popped out of its encasement and is now some place on RTE 25 in Albuquerque!

Sooooo tomorrow - since we have been working so hard getting things done we are going to take it easy for a while.  Going out for breakfast and then to Home Depot for a few needed items - then to the storage bunkers for more STUFF to go into the RV.
We will stop at the Ford Dealer and check into how and when the mirror can be fixed.

Between you and me - these mirrors stick out way too far - about 6 - 8 inches too far - so I'm going to see if a shorter arm is an option.

I bought a tow bar lock at the RV place as people steal these tow bars and I'm sorry but mine cost $650 so a lock was required.  For the life of me I could not figure out how to install the locking device!!!  DUH - I spotted one of the fellows who works here at the Santa Fe KOA and asked if he knew anything about the installation.  He said "NOPE" - but lets go look at it.  Within 10 minutes he figured out how to install it!
One thing we have read about is how helpful fellow RV-ers can be - and we are finding it to be true.

At the RV place some folks asked if we were the owners of the NEXUS -of course we were very proud to say YES!!!!  They said they have been looking on line at them and are interested and could they look at ours - of course we were very proud to say YES!!  So we gave them a tour of our RV and answered some question about it.
They left seeming more interested in finding our more about these RVs!

OK - I've talked enough - sometimes I get carried away and it is usually when I'm excited and happy - and that defines how I feel.

So my friends enjoy your day and if the chance presents itself - make some one smile today - they will be glad you did and you will be glad you did.

JR     :>)