This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting closer to departing

Yo my friends,

Completed a few more projects this morning - getting us closer to leaving for TX on Saturday.

We decided to hang a painting in the RV - makes things more home like!

Since we are heading to S. Carolina after Texas, we figured a dune/ocean scene would be fitting.

Now that the RV has 99% of our STUFF in it, I had to add more air to the 6 tires.  So in talking to a couple of seasoned RV-ers I decided to bring the tires to within 5 lbs of their Max PSI..The fronts are set a 70lbs and the 4 rear at 75lbs
I used the new air compressor we bought yesterday and it did a great job.  I had to ask for some help, as no air was going into the tire!!!!!  Found I had to turn a PSI regulator knob (which was never mentioned in the instructions) once that was done - bingo the tires aired right up to the need PSI.

Well will leave them at this PSI until such time I can get the RV weighed and then make adjustments as needed.

We still have more room to pack more things - but truth is we have nothing else to pack!!

:>)  This makes us very happy!!!!

We should me UNDER the weight limit of 14,500 total lbs - but the weighing will tell the story.  We don't think we added more than 1,000 pounds and we had 1,800+ that could be added.

The front axle can carry 5,000 lbs and the rear axle 9,500 lbs (4wheels)
We certainly can move things around to balance the axle loads as well as the side loads - so we think things look good.

Well, a few more projects to do today so until next post -
Be happy and healthy my friends.

JR     :>)