This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roswel NM

Yo Dudes,

Well, after a tad over 3 hours of driving and a very - very pleasant drive in the RV - we are in Roswell NM.  Nice a warm here 3:43pm and 86 degrees and no wind.  We are so glad to have left Santa Fe and all the wind and dust.  It was a pleasure to drive the RV today - smooth roads - no wind - with the cruise control set to 55!

Today was the first time I towed the Honda Fit behind the RV.  All my RV buddies have been telling me "you won't even know it is there!"  Wellllllll - they were RIGHT!!!!
Had to look in the rear camera to make sure it was still attached!!!!  Piece of cake!!

Before we left Santa Fe I searched for RV parks and for a WalMart/Sam's club.
The RV park sounded very nice - but $35 for the night.  The Super Walmart and Sam's Club looks very new, and they are both very big!!  Wellllllll the Walmart will let 10 RVs park overnight for FREE!!!!!!  $35 SAVED!!!!!!!  The parking lot is very well lit, with cameras.  We were the first ones there!

We went into Walmart and just double check with Mgmt as to it being OK and sure enough it was OK!  We picked up a few things for supper and also a few bottles of water.
They of course do not provide any services such as electrical or water of sewer hookups - but our RV is self contained - we have about 30 gallons of water for our use, as well as 2 deep cycle batteries - we'll only use these for 12v lighting when getting ready for bed. The refrig can run on elec of propane so we have it running of propane to keep our food cold.  Sooooooo we are all set!!!!

No TV tonight but that's OK as well.

Tomorrow morning we just cross over to the next parking area and gas up at Sam's Club!


Right now we are at Starbucks enjoying a mocha and using their WiFi

Today was a good day!!!

Well, take care and tomorrow we hope to make it to Pecos Texas - if I have WiFi I shall bring you guys up to date with our travels.

JR    :>)