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This Land is My Land


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hooking up the Honda

Yo my friends,

Well-----this morning we both practiced hooking up the Honda Fit to the newly installed tow bars as well as hooking up the Aux brake system for the Honda.

We both did it twice and we did real good with the process!!!!  Melissa took a video and photos when the RV Tech showed us HOW TO do both of these processes.
So we were able to refer to these and it did help us remember what he had said.

We'll do it several more times before heading our to San Antonio TX on Fri-Sat of Sun.

We will check the weather forecast for the 5 day period beginning on Friday and try to leave Santa Fe when the better weather is forecast.  The last thing we want is to drive thru another horrid wind storm!

Sat around most of the day - did a small laundry and read on our Kindles - we really enjoy these - no need to carry hard copy books around - just download and read away!!

Sooooo - short blog - just to bring you guys up to date of the doings of today.

Tomorrow Melissa goes to Yoga and I'll call the DVM and inquire as to the registration process for the RV - also the dentist to try and setup a cleaning and check up during the upcoming week.

Going out tonight to split a plate of nachos at a little place we found close to the KOA.

Splitting is cheaper and less calories and both of those are good things :>)

Until next post -

JR     :>)