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This Land is My Land


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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yo My Friends,

Well Blogger/Google has gone and done it!!!!  They have changed the format of google blogger and of course offer no information on the new format - at least that I can find.  I'm trying to get to understand it - so my next few posts may be messed up.

Went down to Albuquerque today to have the levelers fixed - we think they seemed to be fixed - time will tell.  We did not get a good feeling from the Tech who fixed the problem as he really did not seem to know much about the system and his responses when we questioned him as to what he found the problem to be - did not make any friggin sense!!!!!!

So said we would like to try them out before we drove all the way back to Santa Fe.  As a side note, the round trip mileage to Albuquerque from Santa Fe is 120 miles - at .50 per mile, it cost us $60!!!

We went out and push the button to put the levelers down and guess what????

THEY DID NOT FRIGGIN WORK!!!!!! Arrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!

So we went back into the RV placed - asked to speak to the technician and told him

Well, long story short after talking to him for a while as he work on them I found that he really did not know much about the system and in fact he was lying to me regarding the system - just making up a bunch of BS!!!!!  I called him on it and he of course was not longer liking me!!!!  Longer story short - he got them working and off we drove.

We contacted the Mfg of the levelers and reported the apparent stupidity of the Technician.  Well, the Mfg has been quite helpful thru this process and he is going to get back to us and let us know what will be done next should the system fail again.

His ending comment was - if this does not completely correct the problems, we if necessary will completely replace the system.  They are a good company and you can get faulty parts with anything you buy the problem clearly is with the RV repair facility.

SO we are back in business again - the RV is petty close to perfectly level - our refrig is fired up and we went to the grocery store and once again got some grown-up food.

So my friends - I will play around with google blog and I hope I can figure it out

JR     :>)