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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Morning Blog Buddies

Well --- I got an appointment for a teeth cleaning at 11am this morning - I hope they do not lose me in their computer again!!!
This clinic is in a shopping mall and there is also a Sears there.  We need to buy an air compressor as it is difficult if not impossible for an RV to "air-up" at a gas station.
Tire pressure is critical on an RV - based on the load you are carrying it is very important not to have over or under inflated tires.  This is one item that I worry about as getting the correct pressure is not all that easy.  Trying to find the recommended pressures for a specific type tire is not information that is readiy availiable.  So a lot of internet searching is needed.  I found the best way is to go to the web site of your tire manufacturer.  Although they do not list all the tires they sell, I think one can get a pretty good idea.

Today after the dentist will consist of the start of a variety of small projects in preparation for our Sat. or Sun. departure from Santa Fe to San Antonio Texas:

Install TPMS on the Honda Fit
Tighten the lug nuts on the RV wheels (if needed)*
Start the rearranging of STUFF in the external storage compartments under the RV
Decide what wil be stored in the back of the Honda Fit rather than the RV.
Assemble out Q-100 gas grill

* It is highly recommended that this be done before each trip as overtime the lug nuts CAN loosen up!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!  A week before we arrived in Oklahoma City an 18 wheeler lost a front wheel due to loose lug nuts - it was not pretty!!!!  Do most truckers or RV-ers check the lug nuts?  NO!!!!!

Last but not least we will get a pizza for tonights supper!!!   :>)

Well, time to get the day started - looks like another sunny day which is pretty much the standard for most days in Santa Fe - I do like that about Santa Fe - 90% of the time GREAT WEATHER!!!!

Please excuse any mis-spellings as GOOGLE BLOGGER spell check is not working - one of the many things that no longer work on the NEW & IMPROVED GOOGLE BLOGGER!!!!!!!

Well my friends - until my next post - I wish you all well.

JR    :>)