This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Day My Friends

Yo Buds,

Well, our first morning back in Santa Fe is somewhat cloudy and quite chilly - but the weather forecast indicates clearing up for the rest of the upcoming week.
When we left Santa Fe on 4/5 for Elkhart IN it was snowing - when we returned on 4/14 it was snowing!!!!

Tomorrow we will drive the RV to a DR. appt that Melissa has and then we will drive down to the Albuquerque Airport to pick up our car which we left there on 4/4 - we have a coupon for $1 off per day so that will save a couple of $'s.

Then we will go to our STORAGE UNITS in Santa Fe and pick up stuff that will come with us in the RV!  Also we will go food shopping as we are getting HUNGRY!!!!!

On Tuesday we need to go back down to Albuquerque to Rocky Mountain RV who will install our tow bars and our aux braking system for our Honda Fit so it can be towed behind our RV.  This will bring on a whole new learning curve as we will no have an additional 10 feet or so behind the RV that needs to be taken into consideration when making turns and changing lanes on the highway!!!!!  We will also stop in Santa Fe at the STORAGE UNITS and pick up more STUFF to go into and RV and perhaps RETURN some STUFF that we picked up the day before.

One thing we are finding is we can get along quite well with less than we thought we needed to bring into the RV.  I had planned to bring WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES and I think Melissa is of the mind that perhaps she too planned on too many clothes.

Also odds & ends that we do not have and have not had during our 5 day trip back seem much less important and some STUFF for sure can stay behind.

Sooooo my buddies - lots to do and lots of finding a place for everything and everything in its place.

Take care my friends - SOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE TO FOLLOW!!!

To show you how hungry we are I bought a micorwave-able container of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni at the KOA store and Melissa bought a Maruchan instant lunch microwave-able soup.  We also bought 2 small cans of beans and 2 bags of corn chips and will make Frito Pie for supper.

We did the laundry this morning at the KOA laundry-mat so all is good!  Clean socks - clean underware what else do YA need!!!!   :>)


This is part of the experience and the journey and "WE ARE LOVIN' IT!!!!!"

Until next time - stay healthy & happy!

JR     :>)