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This Land is My Land


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Monday, April 30, 2012

Kerrville TX

Hello Blog Buddies,

Here we are in Kerrville TX - about 1.5 hours north of San Antonio.  I belong to an RV blog called RV Dreams and they just had a rally here which ended yesterday.
The fellow who started RV Dreams - Howard Payne is trained in weighing RVs ---- so on the chance that he was still here we decided to stop and stay at this RV park for tonight.  Welllll yes, Howard and his lovely wife Linda were still here so we were able to get our RV weighed.

RESULTS - we are NOT overweight but need to do some adjusting from side to side and front to back.  Most of which we have accomplished today - so we should be good to go!!!!  We cannot add much more stuff - nor do we need to

Tomorrow we leave for San Antonio to stay in an RV park for a week and do some sight seeing - the Rvierwalk - Tea Garden - Botanical Gardens and also locate some nice restaurants.  I lived in San Antonio 50 years ago while in the Air Force and I just loved it here.

Today's drive was a tad windy - but not too bad - we stayed on route 285 for a while and then onto Rte 10 - which was the windy part as well as 18 wheelers.

We met several folks from the RV Dreams contingent tonight and had a real nice time talking.  One of the fellows fixed our cable connection so now we pretty much have our choice to TV stations now.  We also talked to one couple who used to visit East Boothbay Maine for many summers - and we of course lived in Boothbay Maine.  Small world.

So - I shall post again when we arrive in San Antonio tomorrow and bring you up to date.

JR    :>)