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This Land is My Land


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Google Blogger SUCKS


Well I still cannot figure out the NEW GOOGLE CRAP!!!  It tells me my browser is no longer supported by Blogger - they suggest I download Google Chrome - which I did and can't see that this changed anything!  I guess it is just Chrome Google Crap now!

There may be some comments that are not posted as I cannot get into the section that allows me to moderate the comments - but - I'll figure this out some day.

Well today was  busy day -I had a dental appt. for a cleaning and got there a 8:45 - 15 minutes early just as they ask you to do.  The receptionist asked my name - I told her and she keyed it into her computer  - looked at me and said "you do not have an appointment today!"  I said "yes I do!"  she said "no you don't!"  I said "well maybe I'm off by a day?"  She said - "your name does not appear for any day in 2012 in our schedule!"  So much for a dental cleaning - I try to get one when we get to Texas!!!

Melissa went to Yoga this morning so after my non-dental appt.  I went to ECCO our favorite coffee bistro and got my self a large Mocha!!!!

Let me interject here - if any of my blog buddies are fighting their weight, I have the solution!!!!!  From the time we left Indiana with our new RV 4/10 and arrived in Santa Fe on 4/15, I lost 12 pounds - Melissa lost 10 pounds - sooooooo go buy an RV - drive it back home for about 1,400 miles and you too will lose 10 - 12 pounds.
I now weigh 147 LBS.  I think most of it was lost during the drive on Rte 40 with winds of 50MPH and 18 wheelers passing us sometimes two at a time, one on each side of us!!!!

After enjoying my Mocha, I picked up Melissa at the Yoga studio and we went to the Storage Bunkers to get more STUFF for the RV.  We brought the STUFF back to the Rv, unpacked it and put most of it away - perhaps not in its permanent place, but at least away.  Then we went back for a 2nd load and then we went to ECCO where we had a treat and returned to the RV to put most of the 2nd load away.

SO all in all a busy day - lots accomplished - although my teeth are not bright shiny white as I had hoped - but we made progress with moving into our new home.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Melissa is going to Yoga again - I'll go to ECCO again - (Hell I've got 12 pounds to play around with so a Mocha or two won't hurt!)  We'll come back to the RV and putter around and the Yoga Studio and the teachers are having a going away party for Melissa starting around 6pm - so we'll go to that and have a good time!

Until the next post, take care my friends and enjoy life - you are only here once - well maybe twice!!!  :>)

JR   :>)