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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Morning Blog Buddies


Well, here it is 8:43am and we are sitting in the lounge at Hard Rock Cafe ------ just kidding - we are sitting in the lounge at Rocky Mountain RV in Albuquerque.  We'll probably be here for 3 hours or so - :>( 

Today is the day that the tow bar gets attached to the RV and the associated wiring for brake lights, blinkers etc to our Honda Fit which will be towed behind the RV.  Additionally, the aux brake system needs to be connected between the RV and the Fit and installed in the Fit.

Rocky Mountain RV is a very big RV dealer in this area.  Lots of folks will suggest you stay away from RV dealers as they tend to cost more than small RV repair shops.  Most RV shops charge $120 - $150 per hour.  It is to my way of thinking a PITA trying to find a small RV repair shop and also trying to verify the quality of that shop - you really need to know someone who frequents such a place.

Sooooo while it may cost a bit more for our work today, there is to me an element of comfort and sort of a security having work done by a place that both sells and installs and repairs and has a very good reputation.  Sort of a security blanket which is a comfort to us.

Following is a link to a three part video with Melissa and me being interviewed by the President of NEXUS - Claude Donati.  the video is in 3 parts - I tend to talk a lot about something I have a passion about.

Check it out.

I am normally a very quiet somewhat shy person but when I believe in something or think highly of a product - I tend to talk about it - perhaps too often and too much but at 72 I think I've earned the right to express my self.  I also tend to talk too much about painting - but HEY painting is one of my passions so I TALK!

Well, another long day ahead - I'd be shocked if we got out of here much before noon - but hey we are reaching the end of our GET READY TO FULL TIME" processes and pretty soon sitting around the pool or the ocean will be in full swing.

Take care and until next time - remember "He who hesitates is in doubt."

JR     :>)