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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time is closing in

Yo my friends,

Well this  morning I have a DR. appt. at 8:30.  When I had my annual checkup this past Oct., I mentioned our RV adventure to my Dr.  Well he said "let me put a synopsis of your medical history/conditions together so if you need to see a Dr. while on your journey he will have a good understanding of your conditions." 

Well I guess that is a good idea and it was nice of him to do this - however for some reason it made me feel sort of old and decrepit.  I'll take it with me but that's about all I'll do with it.  Assuming the packet is not so heavy that it puts our RV over weight!!!!  :>)

I had a heart attack at 49 while vacationing in Aruba (not very smart of me) and I have a few minor inflictions but not to the point that they have to be written out in detail!

I've only been going to this DR for 5 years - I mean he was not even a DR. when I had my heart attack 23 years ago!  He has never even treated me for a cold - once a year my annual checkup and that's all he has ever done with me!~

Between you and me I think it is just another way to submit some billing to medicare - in this economy Dr's and other medical folks are not making the $$$$$'s they were.
I'm betting he submits an office visit invoice for payment to medicare.

A busy day on Wed. 4/25 - after the Dr appt. we have several preparation things to do and I have a list of DIS & DAT to get done before our departure to TX.

We hope to leave on Saturday so we pick up a couple of extra days in order to make the driving less hours per day.

Soooooo until the next blog post - take care my friends and enjoy life - make the most of every day - this is what we hope to accomplish during our journey.

JR     :>)