This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Good morning blog buddies,

Well, the 7 day forecast for Punta Gorda is mostly sunny and in the mid 80's - YA GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

Melissa is off this morning to teach 2 yoga classes - and should be home by noon-ish.  This will give me time to get the laundry done - it is so nice having a washer and dryer in our condo - no more laundry-mats!!!!

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at our RV location and did quite a bit of prep work to move the RV to Tampa on 1/20.  All the tanks had to be dumped and flushed several times - the "low level" water drains had to be drained for both the hot and cold water - the water heater had to be drained of its 6 gallons - the under storage bins had to be cleaned out and the RV had to be cleaned - dusted and the wood cabinets polished.

With that all done, the only remaining task is to vacuum and mop the floors and I will most likely do that this Sunday morning as Melissa has another Yoga teaching gig.

I may wash the exterior of the RV before bring it to Tampa although it is certain to get quite dirty on the drive from Tampa Florida to Elkhart Indiana!!!!!  So I may not bother.

After Melissa gets home today we shall pack a lunch and head to our little beach at Juan Ponce de Leon Park - which the entrance is across the street from the entrance to our condo community as is only a 3 minute drive in the car.  We take the car as we have beach chairs and our cooler.  We have started a morning walk from our condo to the park and back which I'm guessing is about 2 miles round trip - a nice walk in the cool of the morning and a nice view of the gulf.  Eye candy indeed!!!!!

Well - enough jibber-jabber - have a great day and enjoy life my friends.

JR      :>)