This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, January 28, 2013


Yo my blog buddies,

Punta Gorda Florida where we are is on the Gulf of Mexico and has some fantastic sunsets & sunrises.  Viewing these beautiful happenings, led me to want to do a painting of my vision.  We are up early in the morning, so we see most all of the sunrises.  I'll let you decide if this is a sunrise or sunset in your eyes.

24 x 18 on Heavy Linen paper

First off, let me digress------------------------------------------------------------------
I most always say that my paintings are done using a big brush and palette knife.  Well a viewer asked what I considered a big brush.

This is my BIG BRUSH!!!!!

It is 2 inches wide and holds a lot of paint.  I use this brush for my skies, my oceans and on occasion I use the corners for foliage etc. Using this brush is almost like painting a house - you can slap on the paint in no time at all!!!!

OK - digression over!

Soooooo I start out by SLAPPING  in the sky

I then SLAP in the ocean from the horizon forward

I bring some of the orange reflection from the sky into the foreground - just lightly indicated

Detail of some of the ocean

Now using a smaller brush I throw in some palm trees using quick loose strokes

Detail of palm trees

I now sort of balance out the scene by throwing a larger palm tree that will break the horizon line and give more credibility to the separation of the sky from the ocean from the land

I throw in some foliage to separate the ocean from the land - using my big brush  

Detail of larger palm

This was fun to do and I feel I'm starting to get a good sense of the level of looseness I want in my work.

Take care my friends - enjoy life.

JR      :>)