This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hello my friends,

Well around 3:00 pm today (Saturday 1/19) we got an email from the driver of our RV that he had arrived in Elkhart Indiana at the Nexus factory.  We hired a professional driver to drive it back from Tampa Florida to Elkhart.  I got to tell you that these guys know how to get from one place to another.  They are driving all the time, so to drive for 12 hours or so is every day life to them.  He left Tampa Florida some time in the evening on Friday 1/18 and 24 hours later he is in Elkhart Indiana - amazing!!!!

Now she will get a bath and have a few minor warranty items taken care of and put onto the showroom at Nexus.  They have a 25,000 sq ft indoor showroom so she will be nice and dry and warm!!!!  :>)   Now all that is left is to find a buyer.

This morning we went out for breakfast at a place we stopped into yesterday.  This place serves breakfast and lunch as well as some very designer type cupcakes!!!!!  We tried some cupcakes yesterday and they were out of this world - GrrrrrrrrrATE!!!!!!!!!!  So this morning we stopped in for breakfast - I had a real good breakfast burrito and Melissa got a breakfast sandwich with Canadian bacon.  They also have great coffee!!!!!

After this we went to the farmers market which they have every Saturday year round and picked up a few things.

We are settled into our comfy chairs watching golf.

Take care my friends and enjoy your weekend.

JR       :>)