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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yo my friends,

Well - our Com Cast on-line and TV equipment arrived today via UPS.  We opted for the $9.95 install yourself as compared to the $79.95 have them come and install it.

Welllllllll - we decided to tackle the TV install first - that was not going well at all - so we called the 7/24 help line.  They informed us we needed to install the Internet portion first.  Of course nothing said that in the enclosed directions.  Sooooooo we started to install the Internet - that was not going well at all - so we called the 7/24 help line.  They said "try this -try this - try this - unplug this - unplug that " - nothing helped so they said we'll have to send out a technician!!!!!

We called back again to get a 2nd opinion and got a different Tech and that Tech - Nancy stepped us through the installation of the Internet and the TV!!!!!  We now have Internet and TV - the directions included in the "DO IT YOURSELF OPTION" in no way resembled the instructions that Nancy gave us!!!!!!!!  The "DO IT YOURSELF INSTRUCTIONS" were useless!!!!!!!!!!  Why am I not surprised!!!!!!!

Anyhooooo with the help of Nancy we finally have TV and Internet in the condo!!!

Soooo we still ended up savings $70 and that's what counts!!!

One thing we have found in Florida that costs more than in New Mexico and most states for that matter is the cost of AARP supplemental medical insurance.  It is going to cost $79 per month more then New Mexico!!!!!  So we shall look at some alternatives!!!!  Most other things seem to cost about the same as we were paying in NM.  I'm sure electricity will cost a lot more per month in the summer but we are pretty frugal  
and tend to keep in cooling at a minimum, favoring fans in place of A/C - however that said - you have to be careful of mold down here as the humidity can collect inside a home and cause problems - so we shall watch that.  As it is, each morning we have to put our bath towels in the dryer as they do not dry out at all!!!

Well, we did not go for our driver licences yesterday as we had to wait for UPS to deliver the Com Cast stuff so we now have that scheduled for Thursday.

Well take care and I'll be back at y'all later.

JR      :>)