This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yo, buddies,

While Melissa was at her CPR training Saturday morning, I cleaned the condo and then played around a bit with some paint.

I'm sure you folks remember (???) the beginning of "A Balance Diet II" that I started a while back - well I pulled that out and started refining it a bit.



As you can see, I've added some shading on the left side as well as the indication of the light source on the right side - I also altered the shape of the orange.  I'm sure you can see that the fruit has taken on more depth of shape and the light source is more evident then in the first two photos above.  Also I've dabbed some reflected color of the apple onto the pear and the orange onto the apple.  This will be augmented some what later in the painting process.

I'm just ;playing around and getting back into the grove of painting - I will most likely finish this one up soon and then do a bigger painting whereby I can be looser (sloppy) which I find is he best way to get back into the groove after an absence from "throwing the paint around!!!"

After being away from the easel for a while, one becomes tentative in the freedom of strokes and the use of paint so it is this tentative action that needs to be undone and the best way is to let the paint fly baby!!! 

I have no doubt that in a few weeks I will be back to normal - if indeed I've ever been normal!!!


Since moving out of the RV, I find myself putting some weight on and that is not a good thing.  So I shall go back onto my "NO FAIL DIET" for a couple of weeks and try to drop 5-8 pounds and an inch off the old "bread basket!!!!!"
My new DR. seems to be rather strict on how one takes care of their body although if I were asked I would say that he was overweight and appears to be in need of some physical exercise!!!!!

Sunday 1/13/13

Today Melissa has to go to the yoga studio so while she is there I'm going over to the RV park and do a final cleaning - vacuum, wash the floors, dust and polish the cabinets.  I may also wash our car.

We bring the RV to Tampa 1 week from today - 1/20/13 - it will be very sad to leave it there but it is what it is and as I say we will have the memories of our 9 month journey for ever!!!!

Our friend Rodney Romeo who is a experienced driver will drive the RV back to Elkhart Indiana where it will go into the Nexus showroom and be listed for sale.

Well my friends - enjoy the 2nd day of your weekend and live happily!!!!

JR     :>)