This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, January 21, 2013

Still playing around

Yo my buddies,

Well I played around some more with my current painting, adding some color in the body of the pears, especially the one on the right as that is where the light source hits first.
A good friend of mine - artist Tony Van Hasselt - a professional painter once told me "When using greens, never dip your brush into the same green more than once before dipping it into a different shade of green.  Also whenever using green throw some red in to give the green some PUNCH!

Well, this is what I've done - especially as I say with the pear on the right.

Where we left off

Where we are after some more playing around

I think you can see the touches of red in the pear on the right and although I've lost the darkness of the pear on the left, that will return when I next play around.
Sometimes you need to lighten up color in the shaded areas in order to fully "put together" the portions of the painting that are in the direct light.
This gives you something to compare to when setting the darkest dark.

So my friends later today I hope to finish this up.

JR      :>)