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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Plans change

Yo my blog buddies,

Well things have changed regarding the delivery of our RV to Tampa.  We were suppose to deliver it to the driver on Sunday but got a call today.  He would like to start back to Indiana on Friday instead so we will now deliver our RV on Thursday.  In a way this is a good thing, as waiting until Sunday is only prolonging the agony so it's good the date got moved up.  Sad times!!!!!

Today I go to the DR. and start the process of having the per-cancerous spot on the top of my head frozen off.  He says it will take 3 - 4 treatments and assured me it will not hurt.  If I had $1 for every time a Dr. told me a procedure would not hurt ------- we could all go out for lunch ----- my treat!!!!!

I'm hoping to make some of my award winning chili this weekend - freeze some of it and have our friends Nancy & Wayne over next week for Frito pie!!!!!  I'm going to make a nice big pot of it so there will be some left over to keep in the freezer for later.

We went to an insurance agent this morning - the husband of the RE broker who found the condo for us and he discovered that I'm being overcharge about $40 per month for my AARP supplemental insurance and also showed us a way we could save an additional $40 per month.  IT WAS A GOOD VISIT!!!

We may switch Melissa's health insurance from BC/BS to another vendor he mentioned and see what that does to her premium.


Well my friends enough jibber/jabber for this morning - I'll be back at ya soon - so have a great day and smile.

JR      :>)