This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Friday, January 11, 2013


Good morning blog buddies,

After Melissa came home from teaching yoga, we made a picnic lunch and went down to Juan Ponce de Leon park.  My view for the day!!


I spent some time this morning setting up my studio so in a week or so I should be back to throwing paint at my easel.  Got to get a tarp to cover the carpet!!!!!!!!

My little corner of the painting world - about 27 sq feet (4x7).

I've always stood while painting so I can get real good arm movement - over the past couple of years my legs and lower back seem to get very sore from standing so I now alternate between standing and sitting.  We found two stools in a consignment shop - for all intents they were new!!!  We got them both for $25!!!!!!  The 2nd one is used as a plant stand with a beautiful Christmas cactus sitting on it. 

My view from the studio thru a slider that goes out to the Lanai

The desk in the background is where Melissa will be doing her writing - she has a nice canal view out her window

We are still getting setup, but in time all will be normal and we'll be back in the groove!!

Today we go see a house our friends Nancy & Wayne are buying - it's about 1 mile from where we live  The house they live in now will become rental property for them.   After this we'll go get our driver licences and then it's off to the pool for a restful afternoon.

Take care my friends - 

JR    :>)