This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

SUNDAY 1/20/13

Yo my friends,

Well this morning Melissa went to the yoga studio and I cleaned the condo,  WOW!!!!!!  2,100+ sq ft and most of it carpet.  A good upper body work out!!!!!!  I always cleaned the inside of the RV during TV commercials - it took about 3 commercials and DONE!!!!!  I sure am going to miss that!!!!!!  It takes about 1+ hours to clean this condo vac - dust - wash the bathroom and kitchen tile floors.  WHEW I'M DONE!!!!

Not much doing today - Melissa has some writing to do and also some sequencing to do for her yoga class.  There is a  lot of planning that goes into teaching yoga as the sequence of the yoga moves is quite important as one move prepares your body for the next move.

I may sit at the easel for a bit - we shall see.  The direction in which I had to face my easel does not catch a lot of natural light onto my painting surface.  I'm right handed so I need my work table on my right -  so I need to find a good light that I can clip onto my easel to shine down on the painting surface.  These lights are not cheap so I need to shop around for one.  they can run $35 - $100 - so I shall search online for a bargain but yet good quality.

We have had several days of cloudy weather and chilly mornings but yet here in Florida with beautiful palm trees all around a cloudy day for some reason is not the same as a cloudy-grey day on the coast of Maine.  I always got a tad "down" when 3 or 4  of these days hit the Maine coast which I have to say could be quite often!

Well take care my friends - have a nice finish up of the weekend and enjoy your day.

JR      :>)