This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hello blog buddies,

Well, today, Tuesday 1/29/13 - kind of a lazy day for us - we went for a sunrise brisk walk - then our usual coffee and yogurt for breakfast followed by some yoga to try and help my hurting hips - my yoga guru Melissa my DW puts me through yoga stretching that she teaches as part of her classes and as I mentioned B4, it really helps!!!

She had to go to the yoga studio so I did a very quick still life painting - it needs some adjustment to the shape of the first vase but minor in nature.

9 x 12 on heavy linen paper

This was done very quickly ( which is why the first vase needs a shape adjustment!!!  :>)

As I say - this is once again done very quickly wet into wet with a tad more attention paid to things as compared to a loose landscape.  This I actually consider a "TIGHT PAINTING."
I try not to paint in this style but sometime the brush has a mind of its own.
I may go into this with a palette knife and "JUICE" it up a bit!!

I'm looking at it and DAMN I'M BORED!!!!

Some detail of the bigger vase - again the shape needs adjustment on the right side - easy fix - just too lazy to do it right now

I threw in a FG of mere reflections from the vases and the light source coming from the left

Detail of a portion of the bigger vase along with the ivory vase and the little ebony vase.  

A simple little still life that I basically did for something to do other than another landscape.


What these sort of meaningless quick paintings do is to teach me how to draw with my brush and how to very quickly apply paint.  My full intent when I started this was to make it loose and close to sloppy - however the hand won out and did it the way it wanted to!!!

Normally it is "mind over matter" but on occasion in my studio it is


Take care my fiends and enjoy your week.

JR    :>)