This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tuesday 1/8/13

Good morning my friends,

Well - yesterday we succeeded in getting Florida insurance on our Honda Fit.  Tomorrow we try to get our driver licenses.  Believe it or not - there is a price to pay for being a citizen of the USA!!!!
Everyday, thousands of illegals cross the border by foot, truck,car,train - I'm sure some of them even skip across the border.  In states such as New Mexico it is LEGAL for an ILLEGAL to get a driver license!!!!

When we apply for our driver license tomorrow, we need 3 proofs of citizenship, including a passport, as well as proof of residency, such as our condo lease a utility bill etc etc
In order to register our car in Florida we need to prove that 6 months or longer ago we paid sales tax to another state - other wise we would owe Florida sales tax.

BUT - we are USA CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!

If we were to cross the border into Mexico, could we get a driver licence just by saying "HOLA here I am???"

Later today, we need to go over to the RV park and do some preparatory tasks to ready our "BABY" for delivery to Tampa on 1/20.  We'll do a little bit over the next couple of weeks as it is really upsetting to stay in her too long.  I will say at least we have TV in the RV - NO TV IN THE CONDO YET!!!!!
We also need to start her up once a week and run the engine for a while to keep everything lubricated - in addition the generator needs to be run under 75% load for at least 30 minutes each week.

We hope to have TV and internet into the condo sometime mid week.  Right now we are using Melissa's Verizon "hot spot" for internet connection.

Melissa is at a Yoga class and after that class she gives a 1 hour yoga  lesson to the owners and several other teaches as her "audition" to become a teacher at this studio.  She should pass with flying colors as she has been teaching yoga for over 5 years now in a well know Yoga studio in Santa Fe NM.

Lots to do to complete the "Moving into the condo-saying goodbye to the RV" and I'm thinking perhaps in a couple of weeks I may have some studio space setup in the 2nd bedroom.  Melissa and I will share this space - me for painting and she for writing.  We got her a real nice "antique looking" desk - it is old and has dovetailed constructed drawers and it is really quite nice.  We got it at a consignment shop for a price that we thought was close to committing robbery!!!!  After we bought it, 2 other people who had seen it came in looking to buy it!!!!!!  HA - HA we beat them!!!!!

OK enough with the jibber-jabbering - later my friends - enjoy the day!!!!

JR     :>)