This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7x5 Carolina Coast

Good Almost Afternoon Blog Buddies,

Well --- here we go again!!!!  It's Tuesday and what happens on Tuesday???????

That's right!!!!!  The lady in the fourth row 2nd seat in from my left has the correct answer!!!  Come up here and get a free tube of paint!!!  WHAT???????  You don't paint!!!!!!  Why are you here!!!!  Oh - you are with your husband - well ---- give him the tube of paint.  :>)

Her answer was it is Laundry Day and House Cleaning Day!!!!! These chores are all done I'm happy to say.  Additionally we are packing "STUFF" up because we move out of here in 2 1/2 months!!!  I found a package of brownie mix that in my opinion qualified as "STUFF" and the box was in the way - so I mixed it up - baked it and it is now cooling!  :>)

An art4rvs blog follower liked my "Dune Series" paintings and my "Sunset Palms" from yesterday and asked if I could do sort of a combination of the Dunes and Palms.  She asked for 5x7 as she lives in her RV and of course as we know there is not much wall space or space for that matter in an RV.

OK - here we go - this is on gallery wrapped canvas 7x5 done wet into wet quickly with sharp strokes of the brush and a bit of spontaneity throw in for good luck.

I begin with a very quick couple of lines to represent the horizon and the land mass.

This looks like CRAP - hope it gets better!!!!

6 tubes of paint - 5 of them are various shades of blue and the last one is white.  Skies look best (so they say - they being the experts) when done in a GRADATED fashion.
Can you spell G R A D A T E D????
I will use all 5 tubes of blue in the GRADATION of this sky - darkest color at the top and lightest blue with a touch of white tossed in at the horizon line.  All of the blues are blended into one another so you don't have 5 stripes of different color blues.  The object is to have the sky blend downward from dark to light with no visual separation of color.  I think I have it pretty good - may not be perfect but I really don't adhere to the GRADATED concept - I thought I would try it to see what all the fuss is about!

It looks nice but I would not bother writing home about it!

OK - the rest of this demo will be in the form of a pictorial presentation as if I try to narrate it - all you will hear is Jibber-Jabber and besides which I'm tired after doing the laundry - cleaning the house and baking brownies. When I get tired I get


OK - let's finish this puppy up!



Now ya gotta admit it was a lot nicer without all that bull sh- whoops JIBBER-JABBER going on - I mean it's not like I really know what I'm talking about!!!!

OK ---  now for those who like to say

Sorry for the blurry photos but as we all knnow I have a cheap
Point-Shoot-Pray camera and I must have forgotten to pray.

CRAP - I hate it when I forget to do that!!!!!  DAM!!!!

Enjoy the day my friends and I hope you enjoyed my little demo as much as I enjoyed doing it and of course there is a small thrill in marking this painting SOLD!!!
I love that 4 letter word as much as my DW Melissa likes her 4 letter word in the window of her favorite clothes shoppe.

JR  :>)