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This Land is My Land


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Friday, January 20, 2012

Domestic Avenue

Good Morning Blog Buddies,

I used to cook a lot but over the years as we get older and the weight goes on faster and comes off slower - I do not cook so much any more!  We have become very light eaters and having had a heart attack at the age of 49 - I try and eat as healthfully as possible - so if ya can't eat the nice rich fattening stuff - why bother cooking!

For about a month now, I've been wanting meatloaf.  There is a restaurant we go to once in a while and they have a homemade meatloaf they are famous for!  Well------MY meatloaf is famous too!!!!!  :>) 

My DW said to me this morning, while we were sitting in our comfy chairs checking email and eating our no fat 100 calorie health breakfast bars from Trader Joe's, "What's on your agenda today DH?"  I responded with "I'm going to make my famous Spanish meatloaf."  I must report that my DW jumped with joy and was dancing around our TINY UNIT singing  "I'm going to get some meatloaf - I'm going to get some meatloaf!"

She is such a support system to me - Ya GOTTA LOVE HER - I DO!!!!!

Well, my Spanish Meatloaf consists of ground beef.  I use one pound of 4 % fat ground beef - yes ONLY 4% fat - I also use 1 pound of 15% fat ground beef.  This controls the fat content but at the same time does not result in a "dry meatloaf."
DAMN I'M SMART!!!!!!  :>)

Other ingredients are, 2 cups of fresh ground bread crumbs - I use sourdough bread as I love the "tang" of this bread, couple of eggs, fresh ground pepper - a couple of BAM'S of sea salt, milk, and chopped up onion and chopped up Spanish olives with the pimientos in.  I also put in a couple of teaspoons ( not measured ) of roasted New Mexico medium hotness green chile as well as several table spoons of the roasted green chillies spread onto the top of the meat loaf.  This concoction of mouth watering ingredients takes about 1 1/2 hours at 350 to cook - but the smells are well worth the wait!!!!

We ( my DW ) bought some "STACKING" mixing bowls that stack in one another and they are of that nice plastic type material and they have that rubber like thingy stuff on the bottom so they don't move all over the counter space when mixing.  They are very light weight and really COOL things!!!!  Kudos to my DW she found these on the web site!

My DW started dancing about again once the smells started to permeate our TINY UNIT!!!   I need to make her sit down and relax as there is still 1 hour and 10 minutes cook time left and all this bouncing is starting to give me a headache!!!  :>) 

Meat loaf makes great sandwiches on of course sourdough bread toasted or not.  I sometimes throw in a bit of Canadian culture into the sandwich by putting splashes of ketchup on the meatloaf.  Canadians love ketchup - when ever we had scrambled eggs I always have them Canadian style!!!

Sooooooo my Buddies - I have some RV related administrative duties to do today as well as some more packing of "GET READY TO MOVE THE HELL OUT OF HERE" in preparation for 4/1/2012.

So perhaps no painting today but this will become standard practice over the next 2 months - in that I will not have as much time for painting as I would like and come March 1 - my painting gear will start to be packed up!!!!  :>(

( """"""""")  These are tear drops!!!!

RV JOURNEY Hooooooooooo!

Well my friends y'all have a good day - if you get a chance cook something today - it's fun!!

PS:  I'm also getting the urge for some cinnamon buns but my waist says:


The scales yell out "GET OFF ME FAT MAN!!  I've gotten back down to 155 lbs and my goal for 4/12012 is 150 lbs and that ain't NO JOKE!!!   

JR   :>)