This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Good Morning Blog Buddies,

Well no word back from any of the folks in the Santa Fe Gov't regarding our bad experience with the director of the Santa Fe National Cemetery.  It amazes me as to how many people work in our local Gov't and it further amazes me as to how non-responsive they are.  Well tomorrow I shall contact the Dictator  whoops --- the Director of the Santa Fe National Cemetery and offer him a copy of the document we found on-line which governs all the National Cemeteries and clearly states that Walking - Hiking and Casual Strolling is allowed in all National Cemeteries.  I LOVE theat term CASUAL STROLLING!!!!!  I will offer him a copy - if he refuses one - I will mail it to him Registered and Certified so I can prove he received it.  I shall also request he give me a copy of any official document which refutes my document.  If he will not do that - we shall contact the local newspaper and TV stations in Albuquerque.

We do TRULY feel our Civil Rights are being violated and that shall not go unchallenged.


Well, today is Wednesday --------------- I left the TINY UNIT at 7:30 and took my DW Melissa to work at the Yoga Studio.  I then went food shopping - returned to the TINY UNIT and put the groceries away.  I then loaded up the car with "STUFF" from the TINY UNIT and brought it to the STORAGE UNIT FOR STUFF!  I then went to Sam's Club and to Staples.  After this I went to the local art shop ARTISANS.  They have a rewards program in which you get a $50 credit after buying $500 worth of STUFF.  There is just WAY TOO MUCH STUFF IN OUR LIVES!!!!!
So I picked up some paints and a dozen 11 x 14 canvas panels.  These will be used once we start our RV Journey and I suspect the first time they will be used will be in South Carolina - for some ocean and sand dude scenes plein air.  WOO - HOO!!!!

I still have $11 left from my $50 credit!  I WISH I COULD GET HOT FUDGE SUNDAES FOR ME AND MY DW WITH THE BALANCE.

Welllllll it is now almost noon time - so I'm not sure if I will get any painting done today on the pear that I started yesterday.  Time will tell  (TWT)

Right now I need some nurishment - I think a nice toasted piece of sourdough bread with some reduced sugar strawberry jam.  Still working on the diet - want to get to 150 by 4/1 - I've got 4 more pounds to loose!

In my email this morning was an email from a cousin I have not seen for at least - I'm guessing 15 years and that would have been at my mother's funeral.  Her mother and father were my most favortie and loved aunt & uncle and 2 of the nicest people I can say that I have ever know.  So it was nice to hear from her - she got my email from another cousin who lives in Anchorage Alaska and follows my blog.

Part of the beginning of our RV Journey will be to re-connect with family members some of whom I (we) have not seen in 10 years or more.

Ok time for a quick diet lunch - a snooze - and I have to go pickup my DW Melissa at 2:45 - I best be getting my skates on!!!

Later my friends,

JR   :>)