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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well today is Tuesday - laundry day and TINY UNIT cleaning day.  I'm happy to say that all of these tasks are done and I've started a painting.

Before I get into that - my DW Melissa and I have decided to wait until Thursday before we do anything else regarding the Santa Fe National Cemetery.  The purpose behind this is to wait and see if any of the local Gov't agencies we contacted respond to us.

One would think they would but I guess Gov't being Gov't ---------- IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TOO SOON!!!

So Thursday we shall call The Director and make him aware of our findings which COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH THE RULES HE STATED TO US.  We will also tell him if he can produce a valid - Gov't document - such as we have  -- that disputes what our document specifies --- we will be willing to talk about it.  BUT - until he does that, we will continue our walks through the SFNC showing respect and honor for my fallen comrades.

Stay tuned!!

OK - as most of you know, I love to paint pears - the various shapes and colors I find not only interesting, but they can be a challenge as well.

Soooooo with that in mind, this will be painted on a 14 x 11 gallery wrapped canvas.

First I do a quick sketch of a pear - this one is a Bartlett pear, which are very tasty although that said --- and I just said it --- I like the flavor of the Bosc pear the best.
Once again - nothing fancy - it's not brain surgery just a shape!

I'm using a big brush and will proceed to throw in some nice thick juicy paint and again, nothing fancy - just lots of paint spread out into the shape, with no regard for staying inside the lines!!!!1  :>)  This will establish the "road map' for the rest of the color.  The light is coming from the left, so the finished product will be lighter on the left than on the right.  See how smart I am!!!  :>)

OK - Got to get some dimension for the body of the pear and this I will do with the introduction of more color.  Being me, which I am, I never fuss over the colors I use - and as most know I do not lay out a predetermined selection of specific colors.  I will lay out GROUPS of colors - such as 2-3 oranges - 2-3 greens - 2-3 yellow etc.

So --- dimension and more color!!


Not bad JR - that certainly gives dimension (body) to the pear and the addition of color also livens up the pear.
OK - at this juncture (I love to say that) juncture - what a cool word - anyhoooooo
I will paint in the stem as I'm getting tired - I think my DW Melissa and I are coming down with colds.  So I will throw in the stem, toast a nice piece of sourdough bread - I love sourdough bread - and put some nice low sugar strawberry jam on it and take a break!!!


I know I've mentioned it before, but the direction of brush strokes can very nicely define a shape.  Pretty much the only thought I put into painting pears while the painting process is going on, is "DIRECTIONAL BRUSH STROKES"

Just below the stem above - that sounds weird 
"below the stem above" LOL
I'm sure you can see brush strokes that give the directional flow of the pear in this area - or - MAYBE EVEN AT THIS JUNCTURE!!!!!

OK -- I'll  be back perhaps later today - if not - tomorrow.

In the meantime an artist friend of mine, Angelique, who lives in Cape Town South Africa does some very beautiful work and she too has been on an OCEAN kick.  Actually I think I got on my OCEAN kick because of her kick - I guess it could be said she kicked me!!!

We have never met - only thru the internet - her work is beautiful so jump on over and see her.  Say hello for me!

JR   :>)