This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello again my buddies,

Well my DW Melissa is writing away so time for me to throw some paint around.
I'm about 35 minutes into this piece which I determined the title to be:

"On A Clear Day"

It is 24 x 18 on heavy Linen Paper and up to this point has been done with 7 different shades of blue and some blending of white.  It's important to note that these 7 shades of blue are BLENDED into one another on the surface of the paper in a wet into wet fashion.  Blending is as we have discussed in the past is very much different than MIXING color together on a palette.  Mixing paint to get a specific color IMHO is a waste of paint and only results in dull-boring-blah color.  When you BLEND color together on the painting surface, if done with light airy touches of the brush or palette knife you end up with bright - sassy - lively color and the intent is that one is able to see all the various shades within the BLEND.
A new color I have introduced is Bright Aqua Green - a very beautiful color and one found in the oceans within the tropics.
We plan on spending November - March (5 months) give or take a month or so, on various sections of the Gulf Coast of Florida and Bright Aqua Green is a color that will be presented a lot in paintings done during this time frame.  So with this in mind, I'm including it into this piece so I can get indoctrinated into its properties and method of use.

OK - off we go - this is just the beginning - I've spent about 30 minutes on this and now it is time to let it dry a tad so the bright-sassy-lively colors are preserved.

First I start with a blank piece of 24 x 18 heavy Linen paper and determine where I would like the horizon line and the beginning of the land to be.  This is important only in the aspect of NOT dividing the surface into halves or 3rds as we have discussed before, as the finished product would look like crapolla!!

Hmmmmm where should the sky end - the ocean begin - the ocean end?????

I now "TOSS" in the sky by blending together all the various shades of blue so that the sky goes from dark at the top to lighter at the horizon line.  Once again BLENDING wet into wet directly onto the linen paper surface.

Thus far, I have only used a big brush and have yet to employ my palette knives.  The palette knives will be used for the texture of the palm trees - sand - and ground cover.

OK - time to throw in some ocean.
The lightness of the sky at the horizon line in conjunction with the darkness of the ocean at the horizon line gives what I consider to be extremely good depth to the painting.
Yes, I am congratulating myself on this accomplishment!!!!  :>)

I plan on this being somewhat of a windy day and that thus far is expressed in some "SPRAY" coming off the larger wave in the upper left-ish side.  This wind will also be visible in the sway of the palm trees.
I think it very important in a landscape to give "Movement" to the scene otherwise the scene becomes static and does not portray an element of excitement.

Following is a close-up of that wave and the "SURF ACTION" as well as the presence of the Bright Aqua Green shade I mentioned above.
This L&G's is the presence of "TROPICAL WATERS!"

Well as I say time to let this (the ocean) dry a bit as this ocean needs to be bright-sassy and lively color with no signs of muddy-dull-blah color.

I hope to return to this today - if not, tomorrow.

Sooooo my friends try to do something today that will reflect an inner spirit of
In this way, tomorrow you will look back on today and try and repeat the same tomorrow.  Before you know it ---- it will be next week!

Later my friends-------------------------------------------------- 

JR  :>)