This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

OK - I just had to do something today with the paints.  So I threw a shape of a vase onto the canvas with a round brush and some light grey paint.  Once again not brain surgery!!!

This will be very quick as I'm using the largest brush I have and I am not the least be concerned or interested in color-shape- or presentation.  This is meant to be a loose - semi-abstract painting done with vigor-emotion-expression-spontaneity, with no pre-planning or even a concept of what I will do!

With blobs and globs of juicy thick paint I throw some greens on top of the grey - wet into wet - see how some of the grey stays visible?

Light source from the left - so I make the right side of the vase darker

OK - now the development of the roses will be perhaps 1 degree away from sloppy - however- remember I said some of my loose paintings will be just this side of sloppy.  I call it semi-abstract and I'm sure there are those of you out there (you know who you are) that will consider this painting to be SLOPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to throw in some thick juicy visual appearance of roses - these are blobs and globs on the canvas that are to represent the shapes of roses - I'll repeat -represent the shape of roses.  The abstraction of the rose shape into a painterly representation.
WOW JR that is some pretty heavy verbiage!!!!  :>)

It is difficult in photos to truly represent the semi-abstract as one really needs to stand back a good 6-8 feet from ANY painting to get a true representation of the subject - additionally the piece should be at standard eye level height.
Soooooooo if you can't see the visual of roses - it's not your fault.  Although I can't imagine that you could not see IT!!!  :>)

OK very quickly to the completion



Now for my "ATTENTIVE BUDDIES" some closeups so they can ask


This piece took about 11 minutes - it is as I say just this side of sloppy - however it was a lot of fun to paint and IMHO is a very good representation of semi-abstract with a ton of emotion-expression-spontaneity and gusto.
I like to think I stopped just two or three strokes shy of SLOPPY!  :>)

In person the viewer should be able to feel the emotion represented by very quick strokes of a big brush.  The complimentary colors red/green intensify the emotion with a sort of tugging and pulling sensation - who will dominate - the roses - the impressionistic foliage - the vase????

My intent was to have the sort of single rose in the lower left (the lowest rose of all) to be the dominating visual attraction.

Later my friends

JR   :>)