This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Good Evening Blog Buddies.

Well, today got away from me!  We went to breakfast with 2 good friends Donna & John.  This was a restaurant we have not been to before and it is their favorite breakfast restaurant.  I have to say the food was wonderful!  I had a breakfast burrito which is my favorite food for breakfast other than my DW's French toast!!!!!

After breakfast we went for a walk downtown around the entire Plaza area.  After walking at a pretty good pace for about 40 - 45 minutes, we stopped at our favorite coffee shoppe ECCO and had a nice mocha (double shot!)  Now we took a nice long (jitter induced) walk up the full length of Canyon Road which is the prime art district of Santa Fe - very famous for it's galleries and we stopped into about 10 galleries and checked out the art work.

Canyon Road is about 2+ miles long and we walk to the end at a fast pace and then stroll on the way back stopping into our favorite galleries.

Canyon Road will be one of the things I will miss when we move away from Santa Fe!

Soooooooo today we played tourist in Santa Fe which is something we try to do once a month - otherwise you really miss out on what Santa Fe is all about.
No painting today - perhaps tomorrwow

Next week I have some RV related administrative duties - the biggest is to start my search for insurance on the RV - driving - contents etc etc.  I've got about 6 companies I'm going to call as all companies do not insure RVs - those that do have a wide range of what insurance will cost.

Now that the finalization of the construction of the RV is pretty much set in stone - we just wait for that process to be finished - which should be about the end of February.  The manufacturer will keep our RV stored inside in their showroom and I'm sure use it as a model to show interested buyers - which is ok with us - that said I'm not sure how many potential customer will go to Elkhart Indiana in the winter :>)

So my friends perhaps some time in front of the easel tomorrow - My DW Melissa just said "I want to go for another long walk tomorrow."  Time Will Tell.

We have not started to walk in the Santa Fe National Cemetery again as the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs ( member of the Governor's Cabinet ) has gotten involved and has asked us to hold steady until he can talk to the Dictator of the SFNC.  The Cemetery is Federal property and its Dictator is a Federal employee.  The secretary of Veteran's Affairs is a State employee - however he hopes to assist in this matter before we proceed with getting the news media and the ACLU involved.

Later Dudes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

JR     :>)