This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Too Many Lost Days!!!!

Hello Blog Buddies,

Welllllllll - here we are again ------- it's Wednesday - food shopping, errands and most of my day and energy GONE!!!!!!!!

Took my DW Melissa to work this morning (Yoga Studio) and then went food shopping at Trader Joe's and Albertsons.  Came home put the food away and then loaded up the car with "STUFF" to be put into the storage unit.  Went to the storage unit  - unloaded the STUFF - and put it into the storage unit.  YES - this is the storage unit we are going to unpack TOMORROW as necessary in order to make it more efficient so we can keep the antique bench/pew and in turn fit more "STUFF" into it!!!!!!  :>(
Then I went to Sam's Club and made my weekly donation of more money then I really wanted to spend and then I went to the art store and bought some more painting supplies.  Why I bought more painting supplies --- I don't know --- DUH ---- I'm not painting much these days as I seem to be running around doing ERRANDS!!!!!!  :>(

Tomorrow at the direction of my DW Melissa I will be playing the game of
"I pick things up and I put them down!!!"  However that said I have been promised lunch at one of my favorite restaurants!!!  :>)  I have a feeling I'm going to EARN IT!!

Soooooooooooooo that being that ---- it does not look like I will be painting again until perhaps Friday!  That said ---- which I just said ---- it will be the middle of January which gives us just a tad over 2 months before we fly out to Indiana and pick up our new 31 foot Motor home.  Time seems to go by so quickly and in saying that, it means that come early March - most likely the end of the first week, I will have to pack away all my paint gear and bring it to the storage unit!!!!  :>(

This means I will not be painting after say March 5th or so until such time that we return to Santa Fe which will be mid April.  Most of March will be spent packing to move out and RV associated duties such as getting insurance and things such as that.  Once we return to SF, at this point, we will be spending most of our time getting the RV organized and seeing what fits and what needs to be eliminated!!!!  I plan on being very good so I do no end up on the elimination list!!!  We also have to get the necessary towing equipment installed so we can tow our Honda Fit behind the RV.  This will most likely take 2 - maybe 3 days -- so we'll have to move into a hotel while we wait for this to take place.  We will have to also rent a car as the RV and the car will both be tied up during this installation!!

Sooooooo I think it is safe to say that once my painting gear is put away in early March I most likely will not be painting again until we get out onto the road and settle down some place for a week - that most likely will be early to mid MAY!  :>( 

OK ---- now I'm really bummed!!!!  BUT it will all be worth it once we are settled and know what we are doing!!!!  :>) 

Well my friends enjoy the day and keep going forward no matter what you find in the way!

JR  :>)