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This Land is My Land


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

My DW Melissa posted a discussion on her blog regarding "Counting down the days."

So I did some counting down of my own as it relates to "my jobs."

10 times left to do the laundry
10 times left to clean the TINY UNIT
10 times left to go food shopping

Of course all these chores will need to be done in our RV - but a few days break will be nice! 

WOO-HOO!!!!!!!  :>)

We will be in Elkhart Indiana for 4 days while checking out our RV.  2 nights will be spent in the RV space the manufacturer has on their lot next to the manufacturing facility.  This time will be mostly that of checking out all the appliances, features, heating system and the like -  in general checking out the RV from top to bottom and from side to side.  Two more nights will be spent a few miles from the manufacturing facility and we will be in an RV Park.  We figured we need to go out on our own so we could make sure we knew how everything to do.


When we leave Elkhart Indiana we will travel to Council Bluffs Iowa - which will take 2 days travel with one overnight stay.  This will be our very first experience driving a 31 foot RV - mostly hyway driving which will I hope get us used to the "feel" of the "wheel!"  We have never driven an RV before and we have always owned a sub-compact or compact car - the last being a Mini Cooper!!!!  I just hope I don"t have to turn any corners!!!!   YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will stay in Council Bluffs for 2 nights (in the driveway of my artist friend Dale) we will then head back to Santa Fe.  This will take about 3 days and 2 overnights.

You might ask yourselves - "I wonder if they are nervous or scared!"  My goodness Blog Buddies - we are grownups who have traveled the world - we have hired small planes to fly us here and there --- are we scared ------- HELL YES - PETRIFIED!!!!!!!!

However - that said - and I just said it - by the time we get back to Santa Fe we'll be seasoned RV people!!!

JR  :>)