This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Monday, January 30, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,


OK - as time progresses I become more and more in tune with loose-free flowing paintings just about 2 degrees shy of SLOPPY!!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!

This "loosening up my style" piece took about 12 minutes - the big brush - the palette knife and the paint were all flying like complete crazzie-ness for "DIZZY DAZZIES"

Most of my work on our RV Journey will be plein air landscapes and still life and will consist of mostly this style - very expressionistic and just on the verge of semi-abstract.
This seems to be where my painting mind is taking me these days as described below:

"12 x 9 on primed single canvas sheet Chroma Interactive Acrylics wet into wet very, very quickly ( 13 minutes) with palette knife and large brush. This is what I call a "loosening of my style"of  painting. Once on our RV Journey - I'll be doing mostly plein air landscapes and still life. For the most part these paintings will be done in this style - loose-free-caution to the wind with spontaneity of form and color done with expression and emotion and complete freedom of stroke."
OK - I did not take any progress photos as during this 13 minutes of painting there was no time to do so.  Slam-Bam throw blobs and globs of paint around that have tons of emotion and expression attached.

I did not forget my "ATTENTIVE" buddies - a close up


I will say that I'm going to miss doing big paintings - when I say BIG I mean at least
30 x 48 gallery wrapped canvas.  I would love to do some floral and landscapes of this BIG size, using plaster knifes/trowels for my palette knives and huge blobs and globs of paint - tube after tube after tube.  The style would be even more so on the verge of semi-abstract - stopping just shy and imparting every ounce of energy-emotion-expression that I feel when I paint in this style.

We do have a couple of 1 month RV stops and I just may buy a couple of 30 x 48 gallery wrapped canvas and do a floral and a landscape.  I think perhaps this might happen when in Nova Scotia or Old Quebec.
Once finished I could most likely never fit them into the RV - Maybe 1 could squeeze in one of them - or perhaps I'd donate them - have a drawing -


Well, buddies - I called several insurance companies this morning and am awaiting insurance quotes for the RV and the Honda Fit.

In the meantime - as I am doing -


Until next time

JR   :>)