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This Land is My Land


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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yo Blog Buddies,

Well, today is Tuesday and that means laundry day and TINY UNIT cleaning day.
The TINY UNIT cleaning is done and 2 loads of laundry are washed and in the dryer.  I have a 3rd load to wash and dry today as we are starting to wash items no longer needed for winter and will not be going into the RV.  Sooooo once washed and dried they can be packed away and put into long term storage.

WATCH------ as soon as this is done, we'll get a FRIGGIN BLIZZARD!!!!

Some more STUFF has been packed up and this along with the above mention stuff will go down to the storage unit later this week.  I think we will once again do some re-organizing as the last time I was there I moved some stuff up into a higher level and started another level with packed boxes.  Soooooo, that being said - and I just said it ------- we just may be able to get some more furniture into this unit!!!!  :>)

Soooooo much to think of!!!!

I woke up at 2:30 this morning in a panic -------- we have at least three 12 volt things that need to be plugged in at the same time in the cab of our RV!!!  At 2:30 I found myself saying "HOLY CRAP - how will we plug in three 12 volt thingies at one time!!?

I came out into the living room and wrote a note HOW TO PLUG IN MULTIPLE 12V THINGIES.

When I got up this morning I googled "12v multiple plugs"  BINGO!!!!!

I found one on Amazon that allows up to four 12 volt thingies to be plugged in at one time - it also has a USB port for the laptop!!!!!  So that will be ordered post haste forth with!!!!

Buzzer went off - time to go downstairs into the bowels of the UNIT and take stuff out of the dryer and put the 3rd load into a washer.

I'll be back----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OK - I'm back-----WHOOPS - I have to fold these dried clothes - DUH - I'll be back  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OK now I'm back!  Not sure if I will get in any time in front of the easel today - Time will tell!!  :>)

I got some prices back on the insurance for the RV and our Honda Fit.  Of two quotes returned thus far, one is more costly by almost $300 a year - sooooooo that one will mostly likely be OUT!!!!  Still have 2 more to come in and then I need to do a matchup for apples to apples.  There are also some NOT POINTED out factors - such as some insurance companies cover the RV awning and some do not - it's excluded in the very, very fine print.  Things attached up on the roof - such as a vent cover for your exhaust fans - some cover this kind of thing and some do not.  Also if you have 2 vehicles insured in a bundled package, let's say there is some damage done to both the RV and the tow vehicle some insurance companies will apply each deductible to each vehcile - others will only apply one deductible which will go towards BOTH vehciles.  There are lots of other things I'm sure but far beyond my knowledge - Ya gotta 2nd guess insurance companies - they are not in business to pay out more then they take in!!!!!

Well, the buzzer is about to go off for the 3rd load of laundry - so time to get ready to go down into the bowels again and move the wet stuff into the dryer!!!!

Later my friends!!!!!

JR    :>)