This Land is My Land

This Land is My Land


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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yo Buddies,

Well, don't I sound happy this morning!!!!  Well, I am!!  Why??  No special reason!!!
I've mentioned this before but for the several new blog buddies that have joined our little group - did you know it takes less facial muscles to SMILE than to FROWN???

It is truth I speak - Soooooo be happy and smile my friends!

OK --- this morning I finished up the Pear that I started the other day.  This is where we left off;

OK --- let's be clinical about this!!!!  The lady in the fourth row - 3rd seat in from my left - No-No-No ----- I said my LEFT!!!!  Sit down!  OK - now we have the correct person!
I know you come to most of my demos, so let's see what you have learned!

What is left to do with this painting?
Let's give her a minute-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OK you think the following needs to be completed:

BG - FG - Reflected shadows - tuning up the edges - perhaps some local color - fine tuning the color on the pear -

WELL - that in fact is pretty much it - you certainly have been paying attention!!

Now sit down and stop trying to steal my thunder!!!   :<)

OK - lets do exactly what the lady in the 4th row - 3rd seat from my left indicated that we should do.

OK I deepened and brightened the colors and I added more indication of the light source coming from the left

A close up will show this better

OK - time for some BG and FG and shadows.  I decided to give the FG & BG some texture with the application of thick juicy globs and blobs of paint.  This tends to push the pear forward as the pear is smooth.  It also gives a mix of textures to stimulate interest in the eye of the viewer.  ( I hope )

This closeup will show the texture in the BG

OK it is time to wrap up this puppy.  Only a few things left to do and I apologize but I can't show those things to you as they are secret!!!!!  All painters take an oath not to divulge personal painting secrets as there are a lot of  HUNGRY (STARVING) artists out there and they are not above STEALING secrets!!


14 x 11
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
painted out onto all 4 edges

$175 + S/H

Now some close ups so my ANAL WHOOPS ATTENTIVE BUDDIES can see


Hope you enjoyed this demo and thank you all for your participation and the lady in the 4th row 3rd seat from my left will receive one of my other demo paintings as a gift for her excellent participation and not falling asleep during my presentations.

Later my friends.

JR  :>)